Tallahassee Computer Forensics Services

Our Team of certified and experienced computer forensic examiners can assist you with all forms of digital forensic investigations in Tallahassee FL, as well as E-Discovery projects of all sizes.

If you are in need of E-Discovery services in Tallahassee, or would like the assistance of a certified computer forensic examiner, call us now at (866) 456-3282

Litigation support:

Regardless if you are the plaintiff or council for the defense, in this day and age, computer technology is being used in various ways which when examined can often assist you in your case.  A computer forensic examination of a Desktop, laptop or mobile phone will often provide digital artifacts, which can be presented in court.

Our experienced computer forensic examiners can assist you with the collection of custodians in Tallahassee Florida, the examination of current and deleted data, e-discovery and consulting services.  A computer forensic examiner should be a vital part of your team to assist during discovery, analyze data, and provide an expert opinion. If you would like to know more about how forensic analyzers can be of a great resource to your legal team, please contact us now!


Corporate litigations are becoming more and more complex to manage. Forensic Analyzers assists corporations in human resource disputes, finding and preserving inappropriate employee activity, consultation during a discovery request as well as counter espionage


Individuals in Tallahassee have used Forensic Analyzers to assist in infidelity investigations of a cheating spouse, estate settlements, divorce cases and more… If a computer, a laptop or a smart phone such as the I-phone or an Android was involved we can help!

In addition we provide Tallahassee computer forensic services to Private Investigators, Forensic accountants and many other service providers.

Tallahassee E-Discovery Services

If you are a corporation or Law firm located in Orlando or central florida and are in need of assistance in producing electronic data for a discovery request,  please contact us today so that we can evaluate the discovery request and ensure that you are in compliance.

Our lab is equipped to assist with all common data types including the collection of custodians, from active systems and tape backups.